EFINORD facilitates capacity building through networking, and aims to create more interaction and cooperation between institutes and research teams in the region by acting as an umbrella for networking activities. Networking does not replace existing activities or resources, but EFINORD focuses its activities on areas where joining forces gives
the network members concrete benefits.

The EFINORD network gives a wider view and brings added value for its members through:
• Synthesizing existing knowledge
• Identifying knowledge gaps and initiating new research
• Providing a more efficient exchange of information

The EFINORD platform can play an active role in:
• Creating research consortia
• Joint publications
• Communication of forest research
• Joint use of unique research facilities

EFINORD’s main task is to work as a facilitator, to disseminate research results, support policy processes and raise awareness among decision makers. Activities carried out within the EFINORD platform can make a significant impact on policy support on a North European scale, acting as a unified voice of the North European forest research in Europe.