Flagship Sustainable Forest Management in the Baltic Sea Region – EFINORD

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The EFINORD Flagship “Sustainable Forest Management in the Baltic Sea Region – EFINORD” is a Flagship project within the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) and its Action Plan, Priority Area BIOECONOMY.

The EFINORD Flagship offers an umbrella for forest and sustainable forest management activities in the EUSBSR. The aims are:

• To provide a platform for cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region
• to address issues related to sustainable forest management of relevance to the Baltic Sea Region
• to engage in policy advice and advocacy on sustainable forest management issues of relevance for forest owners, industry and society at large
• To promote forest related activities within the EUSBSR

The primary topics addressed by the flagship are:

• Biomass production
• Ecosystem Services

The primary topics are linked to the cross-cutting themes:

• Climate change
• Competitiveness of the forest sector 




The EFINORD Flagship is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and is coordinated by a Coordination Group with representative from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, Nordic Council of Ministers represented by the Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee (SNS) and the North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute – EFINORD.


New project initiatives to be included in the EFINORD Flagship are approved by the Coordination Group. The criteria to accept new projects are:

• Regional impact, significance and high-visibility
• Added value / innovative approach
• Involvement of countries and partners
• Cross-sectoral character
• Multi-stakeholder approach
• Capacity building aspects

Contact Sinikka Västilä, EFINORD ( sinikka.vastila@efi.int) for further information.


Coordination Group partners:




Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland

Nordic Council of Ministers