Young people’s vision of the forest of the future: data collection in Umeå

Data collection took place 8-12 December around Umeå university and SLU campuses. The data is collected by using a mind-map based computer program specifically developed for this purpose. Students were invited to a stand to answer the questionnaire on their preferred forest of future. The study is a Swedish-Finnish joint project with EFINORD as one of the partners.
“It has been truly rewarding and interesting to get a direct feedback by young people on their visions of possibilities and challenges related to forests. The tool that was elaborated for this data collection enabled immediate visual synthesis of the responses” say Maria Riala and Tuomas Nummelin, responsible researchers for the project hosted by SLU.

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Maria Riala                                                 Photo: Desirée Mattsson

The North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute – EFINORD – is based in Umeå, Sweden.
EFINORD launched its activities in 2010 and promotes forest research networking within the Nordic-Baltic Sea-North Atlantic region.

EFINORD is the 5th EFI Regional Office. The Regional Offices are integral parts of the Institute and they implement EFI strategy at regional levels.

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