The North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute – EFINORD – is based in Umeå, Sweden. EFINORD launched its activities in 2010 and promotes forest research networking within the Nordic-Baltic Sea-North Atlantic region. The Regional Offices are integral parts of the Institute and they implement EFI strategy at regional levels.


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Future research topics in forest science for Northern Europe

EFINORD and Nordic Forest Research (SNS) arranged a joint workshop on “Future research topics in forest science for Northern Europe” at Arlanda airport in Sweden on 16 November 2016. About 30 participants, mainly research leaders from different Northern European forest research organizations took part in the workshop. The aim of the event was to discuss about the biggest research needs and the most important future research topics from a Northern European perspective. Also the financing of research, need for collaboration and science-policy-practice interaction and education were discussed during the day.

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EFINORD receives funding from Natural Resource Institute Finland (Luke), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Nordic Forest Research (SNS).

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